Celebrities And Bushfire Survivors Urge Scott Morrison To Cut Carbon Pollution With ‘Dear Scotty’ Campaign
Enough is enough.
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Some famous faces and some true blue battlers are coming together to kill coal for good.

The facts surrounding the bushfires this summer speak for themselves: 33 lives lost, 17 million hectares burnt, over one billion dead animals and countless homes destroyed – and that’s only the beginning. Scientists have concluded that catastrophic conditions such as those we saw this summer are likely to increase as the earth continues to heat due to the burning fossil fuels.

You don’t have to be genius (or even clever at all) to realise that transitioning to renewable energy and ending our harvesting and sale of fossil fuels is the obvious solution to end global warming. Any leader worth their salt would have to agree that if something is killing humans and their environment, the best thing to do is to tackle it head-on.

Of course, not all leaders receive large donations from mining corporations and companies that give zero fucks about us or the natural world. So a group of bushfire victims, actors and musicians including Simon Baker and Julia Stone have banded together for their Dear Scotty campaign to remind Prime Minister Scott Morrison that he works for us not the fossil fuel companies.


Head here to sign up for the campaign and to add your voice to the rapidly growing chorus of Australians asking Scott Morrison to do the right thing.

Words by Harry Webber February 25, 2020
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