Chrissy Teigen Heads Up Another Saucy Workout Video From LOVE Magazine
With hot dogs and fries.
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Head image by Sports Illustrated

At the start of December, LOVE Magazine kicked off their Advent with a sweaty exercise video of Bella Hadid, which served as a remake of Eric Prydz’s classic ‘Call On Me’ video.

Now, they’ve served up another exercise film that’ll inspire you to get the summer rig well and truly poppin’ before NYE – and this time it stars Chrissy Teigen. Once again looking through a retro lens, Chrissty wears a bright one-piece and headband to show us all of her favourite stretches and workouts while gorging down hot dogs and fries. That might not make a lot of sense, but hey, everybody deserves a cheat day.

You can watch the video by Doug Inglish below, and pray that you find the strength to keep those workout routines consistent after eating yourself into a food coma this Christmas:


December 19, 2016
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