Cora Keegan Embraces All Forms Of Mother Nature In New Photoshoot
Sam Livm behind the lens.
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Model Cora Keegan is a Las Vegas native, which might explain how she’s able to sizzle in the desert for her latest photoshoot with Sam Livm, as seen on D’Marge.

Still, the two have proven to be an efficient team, also hitting a redwood forest and a beach for a NSFW shoot that embraces all forms of Mother Nature. Keegan’s bare body tangles with trees and lays atop rocks in the expansive gallery, where Keegan works alongside some stunning and ambitious backdrops. With plenty of sun and greenery, this is the sort of outdoor adventure we can get behind.

See it all below and start planning your own road trip:

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Words by Christopher Kevin Au February 28, 2017
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