Daniel Johns & Luke Steele Drop Single As DREAMS, Announce First Australian Shows For Vivid Sydney
Also playing at Coachella.
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Individually, Daniel Johns and Luke Steele have been heavily involved in the music scene as members of Silverhair, Empire of the Sun and Sleepy Jackson – and now they’re teaming together as DREAMS.

Said to be well over a decade in the making, DREAMS have finally revealed their debut single ‘No One Defeats Us,’ which Johns calls “a journey into our vision of the future” – while also admitting that it’s “not really what people would expect from Luke and I.”

“It’s a very simple song, it has no chorus, it feels like a mantra. When Luke and I are making music, everything disappears and we become like teenage explorers, we go into our world, we are so brave when we are together, we try things that we might not try for other people,” he continues. “We’re not making super-complex music with lots of unusual chords this time. We are trying to paint this really intricate pulse. We find what resonates and try to make that pulse stronger.”

With Johns and Steele heading to Coachella in under a month, Australians will be treated to their first local shows as part of Vivid Sydney, alongside St Vincent, Solange, Ice Cube and more. DREAMS will be playing their only Australian shows at Sydney Opera House on May 29 and 30, and perhaps the best part is that we don’t really know what to expect when they hit the stage.

Listen to ‘No One Defeats Us’ below, and grab your tickets to DREAMS’ shows here:


March 21, 2018
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