Dear Lord: Corey Worthington Is Apparently Appearing On ‘Australian Ninja Warrior’
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In October, we got news of a Corey Worthington 10 year reunion party happening next month, and it looks like more anniversary celebrations might be hitting television screens soon.

It’s been 10 years since the notorious brat threw the party that stole national news headlines, and while his interview with A Current Affair will live on forever, he may be returning to Channel 9 on more favourable terms. Several media outlets are reporting on a since-deleted post made by Corey’s current colleague, where he states that Corey – now in prime physical condition – will be appearing on Australian Ninja Warrior.

“Corey Worthington… He was on Big Brother and in December he will be on Ninja Warrior. good luck mate, have fun, u got this mate,” the status read. Expectedly, Channel 9 has refused to address the matter, saying that “at this stage, Channel 9 won’t be making any comments regarding any participants in season two of Australian Ninja Warrior.”

Who wants to see a 26-year-old Corey Worthington run through a really hard series of obstacles and possibly fall into a pool of water on national television? Hey, we’ve seen worse. In the meantime, here’s that ACA interview again. A+++ banter:


Words by Christopher Kevin Au December 18, 2017
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