Dear Lord: Shane Warne Is Reportedly Set To Join ‘The Bachelor’
Please, let this be true.
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Update: Shane Warne has now denied claims by New Idea that he is set to appear on The Bachelor:

Prepare to enter the upper echelon of reality television.

It’s only been a few days since the latest season of The Bachelorette wrapped up, where Australian star Sophie Monk managed to dodge several bullets/weirdos to find the love of her life in millionare publican, Stu Laundy. The season was filled with tears, fights and testosterone, but above all, The Bachelorette was defined by unparalleled levels of banter from Monk, who won the hearts of Australia with her unapologetic bogan twang.

Now, it seems like Channel 10 are running with the throwback celebrity protagnist in the franchise, with New Idea reporting that Shane Warne is set to star in the next season of The Bachelor. The King of Spin and notorious yahoo had high-profile relationships with Liz Hurley and Emily Scott in the past, and yes, even his thirsty comments on Emily Ratajowski’s Instagram pictures end up making the headlines. The Bachelor is the next logical progression, right?

New Idea state that Channel 10 is still ‘ironing out the finer details’ of the contract, but that the 48-year-old Australian legend has signed onto the series for $1 million. An inside source tells the publication, “whatever he does always ends up in the media so he figures why not give it a shot… He is the first to admit he doesn’t always make the best choices with women, so why not get a bit of help along the way?”

“Sophie’s season has done wonders for the network and they are desperate to keep viewers interested,” the source continues. “And Warnie is Australia’s ultimate Bachelor, isn’t he?”

Yes, yes he is. Seeing Warney in a rose ceremony may be the greatest thing to happen on television since someone pissed in Jarrod’s pot plant. Let’s hope that this gets confirmed in the coming weeks. Read more information here, and watch a compilation of memorable Shane Warne wickets below:

Words by Christopher Kevin Au October 30, 2017
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