Déjà Glu ‘Three Cities’ Art Exhibition Hits Melbourne This Friday
Re-imagining National Geographic magazines at RVCA Corner Gallery.
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Morgan Campbell is a skateboarding great who was inducted into the Slam Hall of Fame earlier this year, but when he’s not tearing through terrain on his board, he’s creating collages out of vintage National Geographic magazines.

In fact, his passion for this pastime has seen his create artworks under the Déjà Glu moniker, which will be on display at his ‘Three Cities’ solo exhibition. As the name suggests, the shows will take place in three global locations, with Melbourne being the first cab off the rank. A show at RVCA Corner Gallery will open this Friday evening and run all weekend, before ‘Three Cities’ moves onto Glasgow and Paris later this year.

Flicking through decades of National Geographic issues, Déjà Glu’s works create humorous and unconventional situations through satirical juxtaposition. “As a youngster National Geographics were my only real window into the vast world and that lay out there. Eventually I was given the chance to travel extensively and shortly after that the Internet rocked up which immediately shrunk distances between countries and blurred differences between cultures. I like to delve back into these mags as they remind me of a much larger, less fathomable planet,” he says.

Preview some of his work below, where you’ll also find all the crucial details for ‘Three Cities’ in Melbourne:

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July 17, 2017
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