This New Gigi Hadid Video Sparks Yet Another Debate About Armpit Hair
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LOVE Magazine’s star-studded Advent calendar continued today with the addition of Gigi Hadid, but this video has attracted a little more backlash than the others.

The video directed by Phil Poynter sees the 22-year-old model stretching, boxing and kicking her way through a workout routine in her own Hadid-branded activewear – but it’s her armpit hair which is apparently earning criticism from some viewers. While some (including makeup artist Hung Vanngo) have said that the ‘hair’ is nothing but sweat, dust and lint, the most surprising aspect of this story is that some people can still get this pissed off about some body hair, like in this comment section:

Vogue may have said it best when they commented on the ordeal, saying:

One can’t help but wonder why it’s so threatening. In a year that questioned outdated rules surrounding masculinity and femininity, and celebrated the signing of the first male Cover Girl—not to mention the election of the first transgender person into a U.S. state legislature—haven’t we moved beyond a few square inches of stubble? And why shouldn’t a former Guess Girl and present day Victoria’s Secret bombshell break with tradition? After all, as this unprecedented Year of the Woman draws to a close, perhaps the only beauty rule that matters is that how we choose to look or dress is nobody’s business but our own.

Watch Gigi’s full clip with LOVE Magazine here:

December 12, 2017
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