Giveaway: Win Yourself A Pair Of Sony’s Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones
Experience music on a new level.
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Keen to experience music on a new level? Then this giveaway will be the ultimate gift for your earholes.

Listen, we could sit here and ramble off an extensive list of features from Sony’s widely-acclaimed MDR-1000x headphones, but here’s what you need to know: They’re the brand’s most technologically advanced product yet, and make your music sound really, really, really good. Crispy sound quality is paired with noise-cancelling capabilities that’ll help you forget about the world and truly immerse yourself in your latest playlist. They’re also wireless – perfect for those on the run – while volume can be adjusted to conversation level by simply placing your hand on the right ear.

Did we mention that the leather is buttery and comfortingly soft? Look at ’em:


The headphones are priced at $699.95, but today we have two pairs to give away. To snag yourself a pair, all you have to do is email chris@lifewithoutandy.comĀ and tell us what would be the first song you’d listen to with your MDR-1000x headphones. It’s that easy! We’ll close our competition on Wednesday, August 23, so check your emails then to see if you’re one of our lucky winners. Best of luck:

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Note: Colours of headphones given to winners may vary

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Words by Christopher Kevin Au August 16, 2017
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