Happy Birthday Bryan Cranston: His Best On-Screen Moments
From 'Breaking Bad' to 'Seinfeld.'
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Over the past few decades, Bryan Cranston has established himself as one of the most diverse actors to hit the screen, and an absolute joy to watch in his many roles which brought laughs, tears and everything in between.

Most of us will know him from his captivating portrayal of Walter White in cult series Breaking Bad, which has made all of us consider selling drugs at least once in our lives. Still, he’s had notable moments everywhere from Malcolm In The Middle to Seinfeld to How I Met Your Mother, while his voicing role for villainous monsters on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers even led to the Blue Power Ranger being named Billy Cranston in his honour.

Here, we take a look at some of his biggest moments – big birthday wishes for this legend:







March 7, 2017
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