Happy Birthday Danny Trejo – Here Are 5 Of Our Fave DT Moments
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What a life.

One of Hollywood’s most prolific actors, Danny Trejo had a pretty rough start in life. Born in LA, in 1944, he began using drugs as a child and spent his youth in and out of prison from the age of 15, before finally completing a 12-step and rehabilitating himself in 1972.

It wasn’t until the early 1980s, when working as a youth drug counsellor for a teenage actor on the set of Runaway Train, that he was recognised by a fellow former convict and writer Edward Bunker who gave him a small role in the film.

From there he hasn’t looked back, racking up an astonishing 130+ film credits as an actor, eventually becoming a star in his own right. He’s even opened up a successful restaurant chain, Trejo’s Tacos, with spots all over LA.

He turns 76 today, so we thought we’d take a look at some of our favourite performances of his. Sure he ain’t always the star, but he definitely gives 100% Trejo each performance:

Machete – Intestine jump.


Desperado – Staunching with some knives.


Breaking Bad – Hank meets Tortuga.


Badass – Beating up a basketball team, why not?


Bubbleboy – Yeah he does comedy too…


May 16, 2020
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