So, What The Hell Is Vero, And How Is It Different From Instagram?
The latest social media platform is surging.
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Over the past few days, you may have heard about people flocking over to a social media platform named Vero.

In fact, the sudden flood of users has caused Vero to experience technical difficulties as they update their servers to meet with increasing demand. So, what the hell is Vero, and how is it different to Instagram, Facebook and other existing social media platforms?

Established in 2015, Vero consists of a news feed, and the ability for users to post images, videos, as well as ‘like’ and comment on other posts. And while that may sound all too familiar, the App’s main selling point is a chronological feed with no advertisements. Over the years, other App’s have used algorithms and financially boosted posts to alter what you see in your feeds, and when you see it. Vero ditches all of that with a truer chronological feed, aiming to forge a more genuine connection with your friends online.

“We don’t curate it, manipulate it, insert advertising in it, or hold back posts. You see what has been shared with you, when it’s been shared with you. You won’t have to pay to ‘boost your post’, or ‘reach your audience’,” Vero says. “Most social networks reduce everyone to a friend or a follower. This encourages us to only share the parts of our lives we think are the most interesting.”

“When you can control who sees what, you can behave in a way that is more natural, which we believe ends up being better for you,” they continue. While it’s certainly less ad-driven than other social media platforms, brands on Vero can still pay to have a ‘buy now’ button that links to an external website.

Furthermore, users can post books, television shows and movies that they’re currently reading and watching, while you can also categorise your connections into categories: Close Friend, Friend, Acquaintance or Follower. Ever felt like categorising your annoying co-worker as a ‘Follower’? This is gonna lead to some awkward chat around the water cooler.

As it lacks in advertising, that means that Vero is a subscription App where users will have to pay to use it. However, Vero has now said that the first million users to sign up for the App will have a free lifetime subscription. They also argue that by charging a fee, they’ll be able to keep the App more genuine. “Our subscription model will allow us to keep Vero advertising-free, and to focus solely on delivering the best social experience instead of trying to find new ways to monetise our users’ behaviour or tricking them back into the app with notifications,” they say.

So, will Vero become the next social media staple of our everyday lives? Or will it join the graveyard of hopeful and short-lived Apps? Only time will tell. You can sign up to Vero here.

Words by Christopher Kevin Au February 27, 2018
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