Here’s Our Fave Halloween 2017 Outfits, From Celebs To Our Own Party Punters
Time to step up our game in 2018.
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With Halloween (almost) done and dusted for another year, we can safely say that it’s time to step up our outfit game in 2018.

Most of the ghoulish party antics went down last weekend, and now our social media feeds are being flooded with everybody’s A+ efforts. We’ve managed to snag a few of our favourites – from celebs to our own LWA party punters – to hopefully provide some inspiration for Halloween 2018. Yeah, we know it’s 12 months away, but you can never be too prepared, right? Have a look below:

The more specific the costume, the better. This one of Kim Kardashian’s internet-breaking Paper Magazine cover is just great, with flowing alcohol and all:

breaking my back for this costume

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And speaking of Kim, the socialite herself teamed up with sister Kourtney to deliver this convincing duo of Madonna & Michael Jackson:

And of course, Kim has more than one Halloween party to go, so she snapped necks once again as R&B goddess Aaliyah:

Kim yesterday in her Aaliyah costume ??? #northwest #kimkardashianwest (?: SPLASH NEWS)

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And here’s three more R&B queens, because why not?

TLC 4 Lyfe <3 ????? T-Boz – @cococuenco Left- Eye – moi Chilli- @geeelixoxo

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At the other end of the sonic spectrum, there’s pop-punk rascals Blink 182. And it would be criminal not to include this 10/10 rendition of adult star Janine Lindemulder on the cover of their classic 1999 album Enema of the State:

All The Small Things ?

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Plus Eminem (in his throwback chainsaw days) and No Doubt frontwoman, Gwen Stefani – the duo that the world deserves:

We can’t say no to a Simpsons costume, especially when it’s this considered and involves the Spruce Moose:

I said…. HOP IN

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And no, we won’t ever get sick of people dressing up as Lisa in ‘Floreda’:

NO SOY UN ESTADO, SOY UN MONSTRUO #thesimpsons #floreda

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The parents of the year go to whoever set these kids up perfectly for that Friday scene:


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Steph Curry looking legitimately terrifying as the villain from Saw. Please watch this video with the sound on for full effect:

Steph is ready for Halloween! ? [via @nbcsauthentic]

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And Rita Ora as Poison Ivy, because Rita Ora:

Here’s Regina George after she got hit by a bus in Mean Girls and still attended Spring Fling:

Sometimes, the simple are the most effective:

These stoned pets put in more effort than plenty of humans:

Your vibe attracts your tribe, man! ✌️❤️ #cheechandchong #goodvibes

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But let’s be honest, the most frighteningly accurate costume has to go to this guy:


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Words by Christopher Kevin Au October 31, 2017
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