‘Humans Of New York’ Photographer Brandon Stanton Is Coming To Australia
For one night only.
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We’re pretty sure that everyone we know has been touched by a story they’ve seen on Humans of New York.

It’s been a wild ride for Humans of New York – who knew that approaching strangers in the street could materialise into a humble online blog, and then expand across the globe as far as South Sudan and The White House, and also materialise into a book that smashed best-seller list for weeks on end? The brainchild of Brandon Stanton, the idea initially came about when he moved to New York after losing his job in Chicago, and began documenting the city’s inhabitants in direct fashion.

From there, a movement was born, and an audience that was glued into the relatable, raw and sometimes heartbreaking stories.

“I was late to the delivery room when she was born. But as soon as I walked in, her eyes started tracking me. Like she knew I was her Dad. Even the nurses were laughing about it. She’s always been my road dog. She never went through a ‘teenage phase.’ She never stopped wanting to spend time with me. We could always talk about the problems she was having at school. Even as she got older, we’d still go to the park on Saturdays or find some exotic place to eat in Brooklyn. It’s a little tough now that she’s away at college. I miss spending time with her. But I trust her completely and I want her to enjoy these years. I just hope that when she falls in love with some dude, I’ll still get to see her.”

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Now, Stanton will be appearing in Australia for the first time, speaking on his approach to storytelling and the most memorable HONY moments. It’s taking place at the Sydney Opera House on February 10, and it’s an exclusive, one night only affair.

“Brandon Stanton has individually spearheaded an international internet phenomenon. We are so pleased to be providing Sydneysiders with this unique opportunity to hear the stories behind the stories direct from the source. It promises to be an unmissable and illuminating event for everyone who’s interested in storytelling,” Edwina Throsby of the Sydney Opera House said.

You can grab tickets to Stanton’s show from Friday, February 12 right here.

Words by Christopher Kevin Au January 10, 2018
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