Kanye Loves Deadpool So Much He Wants To Work On The Next Installments
Ryan Reynolds has responded.
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Kanye has taken to twitter to express his fondness of the blockbuster franchise and Ryan Reynolds agrees.

What does one of the greatest ever rappers think about one of the largest movie franchises ever? It’s the burning question that has been on the mind of so many and it’s gotten to the point that it’s starting to affect the way we live our lives. Now (finally) we mere mortals may have the answers we’ve been searching for.

In classic Kanye West style, the rapper has reached out to the people behind movie franchise Deadpool this morning, to share his appreciation for the music used in the film which he likens to his own tracks. He then goes on to offer his musical services for future Deadpool films.

Clearly a fan of direct communication, the iconic rapper also tweeted his admiration for the writers of the blockbuster action/comedy and the way Deadpool breaks the fourth wall and addresses the audience with long and often self-deprecating monologues. In a way, it’s not that dissimilar to some of the tunes on his recently released eighth studio album Ye, so it kinda makes sense right?…

Ryan Reynold gave his approval over twitter too, referencing Celine Dion who sings Deadpool 2 track ‘Ashes.’ Though this only really leaves us with more questions; sure we know how Kanye feels about the films, but could this be the start of a Kanye-Deadpool bromance? Or a Celine Dion-Kanye collab? Or even a Celine Dion-Kanye Beef (please be yes)? Stay tuned.

Words by Harry Webber June 13, 2018
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