Kim Kardashian Posts Nude Photo Of Herself Climbing A Tree, Because Why Not?
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Head image via Life & Style Magazine

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In 2017, being nude is the norm, which means that getting kit-less is hardly going to ruffle any feathers. The same applies to Kim Kardashian – while she’s donned her birthday suit in front of the camera before, her latest photoshoot has upped the ante considerably. Please see the latest Kardashian masterpiece, which may or may not be titled Naked With Nipple Blockers In A Tree While Staring Pensively Into The Distance:

While the latest post has seemingly raised more questions than it answers, here’s what we do know: It’s a photograph taken by frequent Kardashian collaborators Mert & Marcus for their new book, due for release on September 7. That’s actually tomorrow, so there may be a sequel(s) to the naked tree photo – but in the meantime, the Internet is having a dandy old time with this eyebrow-raising photograph:

Never change, Kim.

September 6, 2017
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