Kim Kardashian Uploads A Topless Polaroid Photoshoot To Instagram
Breaking the Internet, again.
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Kim Kardashian is looking to break the internet once more.

The leading lady of the socialite sisters is no stranger to a photoshoot here and there – some more risque than others – and her latest round of images sees her push Instagram’s nudity policy to the absolute limit. The series of six images were taken on a polaroid camera, displaying Kim in raw fashion as she wears a fur coat, white lingerie and not much else.

Kim’s hair choice has also been discussed heavily up by tabloids, with the star wearing cornrows and referencing actress Bo Derek, in what some are calling another display of cultural appropriation. Somehow, that hair choice has led to a feud between Lindsay Lohan and Kim on Perez Hilton’s Instagram page. Yes, this is what 2018 looks like.

Anyway, since Kim decided to grace us with a photoshoot, have a geez at the below:


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Hi, can I get zero fucks please, thanks

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January 30, 2018
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