Kylie Jenner Becomes Barbie In Her Sizzling Shoot For Flaunt Magazine
So much pink.
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Flaunt Magazine are pulling out the big guns for their 20th year in the game, and their latest issue sees Kylie Jenner become a full-blown Barbie doll.

Complete with platinum blonde hair and a pink playhouse, the shoot is titled ‘So Many Margaritas, So Little Time’ – despite Jenner being two years shy of the legal drinking age in the United States. But while their aren’t any cocktails on set, the shoot does conjure up plenty of tropical vibes with Jenner’s zesty orange underwear and plenty of summer shades. Did we mention there’s heaps of pink? So much pink.

The shoot also sees Jenner wear a classic Juicy couture tracksuit – with bold butt banding, of course – and she even posted this image on Instagram with the caption “life in plastic, it’s fantastic.” Is Jenner innocently quoting Aqua’s 1997 single ‘Barbie Girl’ or having a cheeky jab at the media’s obsession with her hotly-rumoured plastic surgery? You be the judge.

See the images by Brendan Forbes below:

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Words by Christopher Kevin Au May 15, 2017
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