‘The Last Dance’ Is Raking In Huge International Streaming Numbers
What a doco.
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On repeat…

The Last Dance has definitely been one of the biggest things to come out of the sporting world since the COVID-19 madness, in reality being the only piece of fresh sporting content that has been keeping fans sane. The numbers totally reflect it as well, with the docu-series tearing it up on the international streaming circuit.

Taking to Twitter, Netflix confirmed that 23.8 million households around the world (excluding the U.S. where it isn’t on Netflix yet) have checked out The Last Dance in the past couple weeks, which just goes to show how legendary MJ and his tenure with the Bulls is. That’s just outside of the U.S. though, no doubt within the U.S. the number of people watching on ESPN is just as much, if not more. And imagine how much it’s going to get watched and rewatched once it hits Netflix U.S.

To be clear, Netflix defines “checking out” by basing audience measurement on “how many member accounts tune into a show for a minimum of two minutes”, claiming that “this is a better way to gauge audience interest than the way in which TV measures how long people remain tuned in”.

But we know from personal experience that whoever watches even a minute of the 10-part doco is automatically sucked in, unable to turn away from the greatness of MJ and the Chicago Bulls…

May 21, 2020
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