Lindsay Lohan Revisits ‘Mean Girls’ In Cover Shoot For ODDA Magazine
You go Glen Coco!
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It’s been a tumultuous ride for Lindsay Lohan since her big screen glory days, and the 30-year-old actress revisits her immortal role in Mean Girls in this cover shoot for ODDA Magazine.

More specifically, it’s that iconic moment which gets replayed every Christmas, whereby a young Lindsay Lohan dons a Santa-inspired outfit alongside Rachel McAdams for Jingle Bell Rock, and Jason gets a stereo kicked into his face. Great times. The images were shot by the Morelli Brothers, and sees Lohan lounging in front of a screen showing the much-loved scene while donning a fuzzy pink bra.

Elsewhere, we see Lohan donning a tracksuit on public transport, mixed in with polaroids which reinforce the project’s candid, DIY feel.

“By shooting her in an original way and keeping her makeup and styling to a minimum we were able to underscore her unique beauty and strong character, thus giving Lindsay another perception of what fashion can be and, at the same time, allow our readers and lovers of Mean Girls, a new vision to file away in their minds as the watch Lindsay take her next steps in the limelight,” they said.

See all the images below, and then watch Mean Girls again tonight so you can quote Kevin G for the next fortnight:

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Words by Christopher Kevin Au April 24, 2017
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