Mattel’s $400 Remote Controlled Tesla Cybertruck Sells Out Immediately
Defs on the wishlist.
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Even comes with broken window stickers!

Toymaker Mattel has come through for those of us who’ll probably never be able to afford a Tesla Cybertruck, opening pre-orders for remote control versions of the futuristic truck.

Sadly, the pre-orders for the $400 remote controlled 1/10th scale Cybertrucks have sold out on the website, but not to fear, there’s still a smaller $20 Hot Wheels remote controlled version that’s available for pre-order, with a December 15th delivery date.

Mattel went to mad lengths to ensure their version of the Cybertruck was on point, partnering with Tesla to perfect every detail, from the LED lights to the fold-out tailgate and retractable bed cover. Adding the cherry on top, a “reusable cracked window vinyl sticker” will be included, and with that Mattel’s trolling level has increased by 10,000.

Hit up the Hot Wheels Website for all your Cybertruck needs.

February 25, 2020
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