McDonalds Are Introducing KitKat McFlurries To The Menu
Boss move.
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Would be rude not to give it a try…

Continuing to innovate and change the desert game, Maccas have announced that they are adding a KitKat McFlurry to its menu, starting today. The new flavour features some luscious KitKat chunks swirled into that iconic Maccas ice cream, and is finished with an addictive chocolate fudge. For just $5.40, you can experience what ice cream heaven feels like, so obviously copping one of these beauties is a no brainer.

The fast food chain are integrating KitKats into other products as well, also launching a KitKat frappé for the price of $5.50. Similarly, KitKat chunks will be blended into the beloved shake, topped up with whipped cream & KitKat sprinkles.

Both products are set to be available at all Australian stores until early September. They’ll also be available on Uber Eats, so even if you can’t be stuffed to trek it down to the nearest Maccas, you’ve got no excuse.

July 22, 2020
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