McDonald’s McVeggie Burger Is Here And We Are Salivating Sustainably
Not quite vegetarian though?
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McDonald’s has joined in on the global push towards plant-based fast food.

Veggie burger lovers we have some news for you… Not sure if it’s good news or not so good news…. McDonald’s latest burger, the McVeggie, is available as of today in Australia (yay), though unlike Hungry Jacks’ vegan cheeseburger, it’s not strictly vegan or even vegetarian (full ingredients here). This is due to the fact they cook it in the same trays that they cook the McChicken patty.

So, I suppose it’s up to you whether you can tolerate your 100% vegetarian burger bathing in the same juices as the McChicken. Obviously it is still better for the environment than eating a QP or a Big Mac and is most likely much healthier, so it remains a good option for the health/environmentally-minded McDonald’s eaters.

“We understand there’s a rising demand for vegetarian options and we always look to give our customers more of what they want,” Marketing director at McDonald’s Australia, Jo Feeney, told recently. “We know there’s an appetite for alternatives to traditional meat proteins and Australians are looking for more plant-based options in their diet.”

We’re bloody keen to give these a red hot go (hint hint) and salute Maccas for listening to the demands of a more sustainability-conscious society. Typing this has made me pretty hungry tbh…

January 15, 2020
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