Netflix Renews ‘You’ For Third Season
Here we go again.
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Everybody’s favourite stalker is getting another season. 

**Spoilers ahead** obviously.

Having binge-watched (and still yet to fully recover from) season two, Netflix pulled through with some very sweet news this morning. It makes a lot of sense. For starters, the cliffhanger, which was delivered via Joe’s all too familiar inner monologue, has set things up perfectly for a new season. There’s also the fact that it’s one of Netflix’s best performing shows to date and has a devoted, albeit emotionally drained and conflicted, audience.

Either way, with a new squeeze in his sights, that audience can look forward to plenty more of Joe Goldberg’s questionable, creepy and straight up crazy antics. I must admit, I’m disappointed that Joe and Love aren’t getting their happily ever after, but really who’s surprised that their weirdly workable, mutually sociopathic relationship isn’t perfect? I’m also still in disbelief that Will is the one character to get a happy ending. 

In other ‘You’ news, Joe Goldberg is getting memed again. Hard. It started with simple ‘How tf does my guy think he can throw on a cap and go invisible?’ type content, and quickly escalated into an all-out assault on the very nature of Joe’s obsession. “It’s OK… We can fix that… We can fix… You.” Peep my personal favourite courtesy of Fenty Beauty below and head here for a real good scroll.

Words by Declan Whelan January 15, 2020
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