New Book Offers Unseen Portraits Of David Bowie, Before The Fame
'Bowie Unseen' by Gerald Fearnley.
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Bowie Unseen is a new book that offers a rare insight into the 20-year-old musician, before he rose to become the global icon that we know today.

The images were taken by Gerald Fearnley, who took them during sessions for Bowie’s debut album way back in 1967. Fearnley was introduced to Bowie by his brother, aspiring musician Derek, while the two would stay at his house in London to write music. “I don’t remember why I took those photos, probably because I was the only one he knew with a studio and camera. It’s great that after all this time, these would be dusted off,” he says.

Aside from what would become the David Bowie album cover, the images also feature Bowie in face paint – referencing his study as a mime at the time. It’s a candid insight into the young mind that would blossom to become one of the world’s most influential and renowned artists – see some of the Bowie Unseen images below:

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Words by Christopher Kevin Au August 3, 2017
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