New ‘Stranger Things’ Teaser Is A Retro Ad Featuring Fan Fave Steve
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Keeping us guessing as always, the team behind Stranger Things have released a teaser trailer full of the retro pastiche we’ve come to expect fromt the show.

In the good old days of the 80’s, post Vietnam War America was a rapidly expanding consumerist society, and mall culture was spreading like a wildfire amongst teenagers and adults alike. Even fictional small towns like Stranger Things’ Hawkins were getting their very first malls, which were chock full of boofy-haired teenagers wearing bright pastels, short shorts and huge hoop earrings.

That’s the slice of America that the Stranger Things team is showing off in their new teaser for the series, with their ‘Starcourt’ mall commercial. Very cool, but very vague, even the most die-hard conspiracy lovers would find it hard to gleam any actual information about the season three plot from this – other than perhaps Steve gets a job at an ice-cream parlour – which is hardly going to rock anyones world.

Still no word on a release date yet, though speculation the new season will be hitting our screens around Halloween seems pretty fitting. Until then it would 100% be okay with us if they wanted to release some trailers with a little bit more info, like what is actually going on in season three plot-wise *hint hint.*

Words by Harry Webber July 17, 2018
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