Online Giant Amazon Has Officially Launched In Australia, Just In Time For Xmas
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It takes a brave soul to step into a shopping mall in the tail end of December.

With hordes of customers pushing and shoving their way to products (in true Christmas spirit), there’s a huge chance that you’ll be elbowed in the forehead at least once and experience some form of claustrophobia. Yes, Christmas shopping may be the most hellish retail experience of the year – unless you happen to be one of those people who wakes up at the crack of dawn on Boxing Day – but now, there’s plenty more reason to stay home and do it all online.

Online giant Amazon, who are known for stocking a lot of everything at a lower cost, has officially landed in Australia. Previously, customers down under were only offered a fraction of our American counterparts, but with the establishment of a warehouse in outer Melbourne and corporate offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Canberra, Amazon is rolling out the full experience for Australians.

They’re now offering millions of products across 23 categories, which includes music, electronics,¬†books, clothing and (literally) tonnes of other shit that you need/didn’t know that you needed. There’s also next-day delivery for some sections of Australia, an free shipping on orders over $49 to coincide with their launch.

If the thought of Christmas shopping scares you, then hop over to Amazon and spend a good few hours browsing around.

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Words by Christopher Kevin Au December 5, 2017
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