‘Outlaw King’ Trailer Looks Like The Bloody Revenge Tale We Need Right Now
For Scot's sake.
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Watch Chris Pine as 14th-century enemy of the state, Robert the Bruce, in the Outlaw King trailer.

There’s nothing like a medieval fable of uprising. Watching the little guys fight their way up in a bid to rightfully claim what is theirs is usually a pretty successful premise in terms of an action/drama film, add the fact that the combat is done with bows, arrows, swords and catapults and that just sweetens the deal.

In his follow-up film to his 2016 film, Hell Or High Water, director David Mackenzie has once again used Chris Pine as his lead, this time as leader of the Scottish resistance to England, Robert the Bruce, King of the Scots. Declared an outlaw by Edward I, Bruce is on a mission to regain the Scotland and avenge his family.


Joining Pine in the David VS Goliath battle is Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Florence Pugh, Billy Howle, Tony Curran, and Stephen Dillane. Outlaw King will be hitting our screens through Netflix on November 9th.

Words by Harry Webber August 21, 2018
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