Peter Dinklage & Elle Fanning Star In The Eeery AF ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ Trailer
Last survivors.
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I Think We’re Alone Now new trailer sees Peter Dinklage and Elle Fanning team up and try make sense of a post apocalyptic world.

Could you imagine waking up on a deserted Earth where you were one of two survivors? That’s the question director Reed Morano (The Handmaid’s Tale) is asking us in his new film, I Think We’re Alone Now. Sure the freedom of being the last people on the planet is something we might fantasise about every now and then, but in Morano’s world (which is probably closer to reality than our fantasies) it doesn’t look like much fun. In fact, it’s pretty creepy.

The R-rated film focusses around Del, a content loner played by Dinklage, and Grace the curious interrupter of his solitude, as played Fanning. The two are the sole survivors of some sort of mysterious disaster that has wiped out all of Earth’s other inhabitants. It should be noted, we do hear Paul Giamatti’s voice in the trailer, and Charlotte Gainsbourg is also mentioned in the credits. So perhaps Del and Grace aren’t as alone as they seem.

The film will be hitting US cinemas September 14th, with no word on an Australian release.

Words by Harry Webber August 30, 2018
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