R.I.P: Sticky, Sweaty Sydney Venue Scubar Is Closing After Tonight
Monday nights will never be the same.
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In further evidence that it’s increasingly hard to have fun in Sydney, iconic Haymarket venue Scubar will be shutting its doors, with one final soiree planned for tonight.

Known for its sticky floors and tropical decor, Scubar was a Godsend for those wishing to extend their raging weekends, with their infamous Monday nights hosting cheap and potent alcoholic beverages, as well as some good ol’ fashioned crab racing. A favoured venue for backpackers and tight-ass university students, Scubar’s proximity to Central station meant that you were always a shoe-in for the last train home, unless you got emotionally attached to a crab.

Sitting right next door to Five Star Kebabs, every night at Scubar ended with drunken ramblings with strangers, as well as plentiful servings of beef, hummus and barbecue sauce. This has only earned it extra points in our hearts.

However, despite the sad news, owner Marty Short says that this may not be the last time we see Scubar in Sydney. “We’re not saying the door will be closed forever… We believe Sydney deserves a venue that provides the experience that Scubar has for so long, so who knows where and when Scu may pop up again,” he says.

Fingers crossed. Head along tonight, because we can imagine that it’s going to be a bloody rager to farewell the staple Sydney institution. Also, they’ll be giving away a dolphin kayak and a trip to Fraser Island. Fuckin’ keen! Goodbye Scubar, and thanks for all the memories:

June 26, 2017
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