Sacha Baron Cohen Gets Dick Cheney To Sign Waterboard Kit In New Trailer
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It’s been over a decade since Sacha Baron Cohen took aim at America in his mockumentary Borat, and now it would appear that he’s once again reigniting the beef.

In a couple of tweets last week we saw comedian/shock entertainer Sacha Baron Cohen and broadcaster Showtime drop a few hints that the provocateur is coming back in a big way. Firstly, on Independence Day, he uploaded an older video of Trump trashing him and his comedic skills that ended with the Trump University logo and the words “Sacha Graduates.”

Now we have a new clip that sees former Vice President Dick Cheney signing a waterboarding kit for Cohen, that once again poses many of the questions that we have been asking since his Ali G days – why on earth do politicians and celebrities sign up to be interviewed by this guy? How does he get them to say/do the dumbest things ever?

If the Showcase teasers are referring to Cohen’s new show, it will be hitting screens in the US on July 15th, and it’s also sounding like it will be his most controversial show to date.

Words by Harry Webber July 9, 2018
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