Schapelle Corby Plugs Local Body Board Brand On Instagram
Publicity that money can't buy.
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Poking fun at your own long-term prison sentence isn’t something that most people would do, but Schapelle Corby has just revealed a tongue-in-cheek Instagram post that heralds her infamous 2005 crime.

Back then, Corby was caught in Indonesia trying to smuggle 4.1 kilos of Mary Jane in her body board bag, creating one of the most high-profile drug cases in Australian history, and a relentless media circus that swallowed the nation’s headlines. After spending nearly a decade in Indonesian prison, Corby was placed on parole and eventually returned to Australia in May.

Sounds like a pretty shitty ordeal, right? Right. Still, Corby is still keeping her sense of humour, taking to Instagram to plug a local body board brand that cheekily sent her some goods. She shared a Boomerang post of herself on the beach, smiling subtly as she flashed a new blue body board and shirt from Drag Board Co.

“Thanks to the guys at Drag Board Co for thinking of me & seeing me as a fellow body boarder. Hooking me up with the Sam Bennett pro model.¬†Looking forward to getting back in the water when this leg of mine is restored,” she wrote as the caption. Since her release, Corby has amassed a huge social media following, with over 200,000 users subscribed to her activity on Instagram.

Yes, this is simply banter and publicity that money can’t buy:

July 27, 2017
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