Settle Those Mario Kart Beefs Once And For All At This Free Retro Gaming Festival
*Dials childhood friends*
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Melbourne, say hello to Game/ON Festival, four weeks of retro gaming fun.

Broken controllers, ruined friendships, underhanded tactics, bitter rivalries, strategic allegiances – yes we all remember the intensity of playing the Nintendo 64. The revolutionary console that was a must have in 90’s households and was nearly constantly the source of all childhood arguments (at least the serious ones anyway).

Well now you and your friends can once again take up the controllers (we all know red was best and purple see-through one was lame) and challenge each other, with Game/ON Festival hitting the QV Square from August 31st until September 23rd. The festival will feature loads of retro games and cash prizes that include a $2000 cheque for a Super Smash Bros tournament winner.

There’ll also be parties on the Friday nights during the from 4pm – 7pm that will include a Nintendo themed candy bar, a DJ spinning retro tunes and a live art installation in Albert Coates Lane. So there’s plenty of other stuff to do distract your friends as they wait for their turn after having been knocked out by you.

For more info head to QV’s website.

Words by Harry Webber August 22, 2018
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