Socially Conscious Fijian Beer Brand ‘Vonu’ Has Arrived In Australia
A new bev for your fridge.
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Feel guilty about drinking beer? Not anymore!

Brewed in Fiji, Vonu is an ultra Low Carb, Low Gluten beer that condenses all the summertime energy of its home country. Having just landed in Australia, Vonu enlisted the help of adventurer and filmmaker Jay Button to create a campaign showcasing all that Fiji has to offer – starting off with some postcard-worthy scenery and Your Paradise festival, featuring Fijian surfers Tevita ‘Veet’ Gukilau and Che Slatter:

Given that ‘Vonu’ is the Fijian word for ‘turtle,’ it comes as no surprise that the beer company is placing a huge emphasis on marine preservation. The brand is a proud supporter of Mamanuca Environment Society, which according to brand manager Blake Kramer, “protects the turtles, our water ways and local Fijian communities… we’re offering socially conscious beer drinkers the opportunity to live free, and enjoy a really great-tasting authentic new brand with a great story to tell, and fewer carbs.”

‘Vonu’ and it’s ‘Live Free’ philosophy are here in Australia now, so sip on a cold one this Friday arvo.


February 9, 2018
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