Step Inside Hailey Baldwin’s Apartment In Her Sultry New Video For LOVE Magazine
A hazy affair.
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Hailey Baldwin doesn’t hold back in her new video for LOVE Magazine, where she has some sultry fun at home in a video by Dan Jackson.

Taking viewers into her apartment overlooking New York City, Baldwin teases the camera in lingerie and knee-high boots before cooling down in the shower. With hazy effects and set to a soundtrack of Sage The Gemini, this feels like a wonderful trip, a dream come true and the home movie that you always wished you could be part of. Baldwin even picks up the camera herself for a little self-documentation.

We’re now three weeks deep into LOVE’s infamous advent, and with one week to go to close off December, we’re expecting them to bring out the big guns. Watch Baldwin in action here:

December 22, 2016
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