Sydney Gets A Mural Of Tony Abbott Marrying Tony Abbott In Support Of Equality
By Scott Marsh.
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Local artist Scott Marsh has made a few statement-making murals in his time, and his latest creation might be his most timely yet.

With tens of thousands of people marching through Sydney’s CBD yesterday in support of marriage equality, Marsh – the man behind headline grabbing murals of Mike Baird, Annastacia Palaszczuk and Malcolm Turnbull – has turned his attention to another politician, a former Prime Minister who also happens to be a vocal opponent of SSM.

Hunter’s Corner cafe in Redfern has now been blessed with a new mural depicting Tony Abbott getting married to a very appropriate spouse, who also happens to be Tony Abbott. See it in all of its glory below:

Marsh has previously painted a Kanye kissing Kanye mural – which he was reportedly paid a six figure sum to take down – but this time around, Marsh’s message has a little more political bite. The postal vote survey will be sent to Australian homes from tomorrow, so let’s hope that Marsh’s mural spreads far and wide. We’ll be voting yes.

Words by Christopher Kevin Au September 11, 2017
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