Tesla Is Currently Worth $94 Billion – More Than Ford & GM Combined
News worth dancing over.
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The American car and rocket (and flamethrower) manufacturers have closed with stock at an all-time high.

Having unveiled the talking car in a tweet a couple of days back Elon Musk’s Tesla has closed on the market with shares valued at a whopping $524.86, an almost 10% increase on the previous day. That share price means the company is now valued at over $94 billion, Wccfech report. Impressively, that’s more than Ford ($37 billion) and GM ($52 billion) combined.

That means Elon Musk’s stocks in the company are now valued at an estimated $2 billion, which I’m sure will be welcome news with his seventh child, this one with singer Grimes, on the way.

January 14, 2020
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