There’s A ‘Married At First Sight’ Club Night Ft. Dean & Telv, And It’s Happening This Weekend
It was only a matter of time.
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Last night, we were treated to the Married At First Sight finale, and cast members are wasting no time in capitalising on their new spotlight.

While many will still be wrapping their heads around yesterday evening’s happenings, two of the show’s protagonists – Dean Wells and Telverne Williams – have gone ahead and furthered their careers in the only way that reality television stars know how: With a good ol’ fashioned club appearance. It’s the same path that Geordie Shore and Jersey Shore stars have gone, and they turned out fine, right?

Dean and Telv will be making their way to Club 23 in Crown Towers this Friday, March 23. Just what exactly they’ll be doing is anyone’s guess, but just know that the event is called Boys Night Part 2. No, really. In anticipation of the event, Dean has uploaded this very convincing trailer asking you to “come get involved” with the “craziness.” Watch it here, it’s pretty lo-fi but it gets the job done:

So if you’re someone who wants to bask in the vicious lies and backstabbing betrayal of Married At First Sight in the club, head down to Club 23 and relive your reality television memories IRL:

March 22, 2018
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