Tino Razo’s Photo Exhibition Celebrates Skating & Abandoned Swimming Pools
'Party In The Back' opens tonight in Melbourne.
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When skater Tino Razo moved to Los Angeles in 2010, he was presented with a new terrain that differed vastly from his city-centric time on the East Coast.

Part of that was skating in abandoned swimming pools that littered backyards across LA suburbia, which Razo has captured in his Party In The Back exhibition. Finding his pool of choice via word of mouth, satellite technology or straight up knocking on people’s doors and asking, Razo’s adventures display his strong desire to skate uncharted territory. While his pool conquests have resulted in run-ins with law enforcement and the Black Panthers, they make for some amazing photographs and stories to boot.


Party In The Back has now arrived in Australia for the first time, opening tonight from 6-8pm at RVCA Corner Gallery in Collingwood. Following tonight’s launch, the exhibition will be open Friday to Sunday from 11-4pm until May 14. The images will also appear in a book which will be available for purchase – see some of the pictures below and head down tonight:

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April 21, 2017
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