Vegemite Popcorn Is Available At Cinemas Now Because Why Not?
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For a limited time you can witness the marriage of Vegemite and popcorn at Village and Event Cinemas.

Fans of Australia’s number one salty black spread can rejoice, the much loved Aussie staple has once again popped up (excuse the pun) in a format that none of us had seen coming. Having already given us the products we didn’t know we wanted, such as Vegemite icy-poles, pies and chocolate, they’ve partnered with Village and Event Cinemas to bring us Vegemite popcorn.

The Vegemite and cheese flavoured snack will no doubt divide families across the nation, and will most likely lead to a catastrophic evaluation of life choices for many couples as they grapple with the Malteasers vs Vegemite popcorn conundrum. Sentences like ‘do we need to spice things up?’ and ‘if it ain’t broke…’ will surely be echoing down the halls of local cinemas.

In an chipper statement, Vegemite marketing manager Matt Gray has said, “We are MITEY excited to be partnering with our good friends at Village Cinemas and Event Cinemas, to deliver an Aussie take on a cinema classic. Vegemite loves popping up in new and exciting places, and we can’t wait to spread the love with a popcorn that truly tastes like Australia! The combination tastes delicious and we’re excited for our fans to try it!”

There’s no telling what this intriguing collab may mean for the world, though you can rest assured that it’s probably not the last oddball mashup the Vegemite team will be cooking up.

Words by Harry Webber July 3, 2018
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