Watch: Gabe Hanvey’s Short Film ‘Liquidity’ Explores Materialism And Disconnection
Trippy viewing.
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Liquidity is director Gabe Hanvey’s alternative perspective on the things we should value in our lives.

The term ‘Liquidity’ refers to the the ease (or lack thereof) that someone can turn assets into cash. It’s financial jargon that basically implies something’s only value is how quickly it can be turned into money, which is why Gabe Hanvey’s repurposing of the word in his art house short is so interesting.

Attempting to shift our understanding of ‘value’ from the physical and material realm by focussing on emotional connections, shared experiences and stories, Hanvey craftily incorporates watery visuals over video which inadvertently asks us to reflect on our ‘values’ and the weight of the narratives provided. There’s not only a message here but also an aesthetic journey.

Check out Liquidity above and follow Gabe Hanvey on instagram here.

October 25, 2018
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