Watch Johnny Knoxville Run Through Every Single Injury Of His 20 Year Career
Some great ones in here.
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To this day, there are few greater pleasures in life than seeing Johnny Knoxville hurt himself for entertainment.

We’re sure that everyone has a different favourite when it comes to Johnny Knoxville stunts, but now he’s run through two decades of them in this insightful interview with Vanity Fair. Promoting his new film Action Point, Knoxville spends 10 minutes tracking through every single injury of his career, beginning way back in 1998, through to his most infamous days on the sets of Jackass and Wildboyz.

There’s everything from snapped ankles to the longing sting of pepper spray, and also the time he got knocked out in a department store. You can watch the extensive video below, and prepare for a very painful stroll down memory lane:

June 7, 2018
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