Watch: Liam Neeson Is Trying To Quit The Crime Business In ‘Honest Thief’ Trailer
He's back!
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Never fails to deliver a solid action flick…

If you’ve at all been waiting for a tasty action flick that has some kick-ass fight scenes but packs hell of an emotional punch, you’re in luck, as the trailer for Liam Neeson’s new film Honest Thief is out, and well, it embodies all of the above. The film stars Neeson as a bank robber who’s trying to clear his name and get out of the whole crime business. However, two crooked cops (played by Anthony Ramos and Jai Courtney) for some reason aren’t at all keen on that, thus forcing Neeson to fall back on his crime skills to make it out of the whole debacle alive.

You’re probably already sold with Neeson in the leading role, but if in case you’re not 100% there, Ozark co-creator Mark Williams is on directorial/ writing duties, and it’s clear him and Neeson have dope chemistry. Neeson is pretty well suited to the role, and the supporting cast more than carry their weight. Taken Stans rejoice, as you’re going to see your favourite crime-fighting father fight some more crime, except this time he’s on the crime side, but the “good guys” are committing crimes too. It’s all a bit confusing hey?

You should just check the trailer below. Liam Neeson and his crazy action chops will bag you immediately if that stellar summary above didn’t do the trick.

July 31, 2020
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