Watch This Mesmerising Video Of Bella Hadid Beating A Tire With a Sledgehammer
Another one.
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Bella Hadid beating a giant tire with a weighty sledgehammer? We don’t see why not.

With Christmas only a few days out, LOVE Magazine’s advent calendar is picking up heat at a rapid rate – especially with yesterday’s video starring Alexis Ren, which proved to be the best yet. Today, they’ve nabbed another star in Bella Hadid, who takes LOVE Magazine’s ‘Stay Strong’ motto to new heights with the help of a sledgehammer.

Wearing red lingerie from Agent Provocateur – which is the perfect uniform for assaulting a tire – Bella works with the malicious weapon while it magically rains from the roof for some reason. Bella’s thought on the whole ordeal? “I love beating the shit out of tires for fun,” she says. Fair enough, we’re not complaining. Watch it all unfold below.

December 19, 2017
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