Watch: Russell Crowe Teaches The World Aussie & Kiwi Slang
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Repping the homeland…

Home-grown legend Russell Crowe has always represented on the world stage, whether it be plugging the South Sydney Rabbitohs on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert or supporting fellow Aussie talent in the Hollywood ionosphere. Now, proving his ever-strong connection with his homelands of Australia and New Zealand (we’re perfectly fine with sharing him with NZ), the Oscar winner has taken to Vanity Fair to teach the world our phrases and slangs, and he nails almost every single one.

Sporting some gorgeous long hair and a grey beard, the Gladiator actor defined phrases and slang such ‘She’ll be right’, ‘Devo’ and ‘Drongo’ with no trouble at all, proving he’s just as Aussie/ Kiwi as he was decades ago. He also gives a lot of historical context for some of the slang, with him going into the nautical origins for slang like “Chocka”.

The star also defines another slang at the end that wasn’t on the list, adding ‘Crack a fat’ (which means getting an erection) and shouting out fellow Aussie star Nicole Kidman for saying it on Jay Leno’s show. So we’re guessing he did some prep for this Vanity Fair segment (or just has a wickedly good memory). Anyway, the vid is a solid nine minutes of Aussie pride, check it below.

June 25, 2020
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