Watch: Sacha Baron Cohen, Dressed As A Hillbilly Country Singer, Trolls Right-Wing Event
He’s back.
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The British comedian is up to his old tricks.

If you’ve seen Sach baron Cohen’s 2006 film Borat you’ll know that he doesn’t mind picking up the microphone and dropping a ridiculously provocative track to a crowd of stunned American onlookers. And it seems that he’s once again putting his songwriting skills to good use, this time at a right-wing event in Washington, whilst posing as a racist country artist.

The Washington State Three Percenters, who are gun rights advocates and widely known as a militia group, were encouraged to sing along with Cohen during the brief performance that included lyrics such as, “Obama, what we gonna do? Inject him with the Wuhan flu.”

So far there’s no word on whether this is part of a forthcoming show, with the actor having remained relatively quiet since the release of his Who Is America show back in 2018. Who knows, maybe he just did it for the fin of it?

June 29, 2020
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