What We Know About The Incoming ‘I Am Heath Ledger’ Documentary
The first trailer dropped this morning.
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On what would have been his 38th birthday, the first trailer for I Am Heath Ledger has been revealed – providing unprecedented insight into the late Australian actor’s turbulent career and personal life.

It’s a heartbreaking tale of an artist who left us too soon – and here’s what we know about the 90-minute documentary so far:


It will premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

I Am Heath Ledger will make its debut at Tribeca Film Festival on April 23, before a limited cinema run from May 3. Spike will air the documentary on televisions on May 17, and a physical release is slated for May 23.

It will feature interviews with his family, friends and collaborators

People who have been interviewed for I Am Heath Ledger include Ben Harper, Naomi Watts, Christina Cache, Ben Mendehlson, sister Kate Ledger and childhood friend Trevor DiCarlo. In the trailer, filmmaker Matt Amato says that “he wanted fame, and then when he got it, he didn’t want it.” Brokeback Mountain director Ang Lee says “even as a supporting actor, he will steal the whole show. That’s the power of Heath Ledger.”

Not included in the documentary is Michelle Williams, who was Ledger’s former girlfriend, colleague and mother to his daughter Matilda.

It will include home footage recorded by Ledger himself

Interviews in the documentary will sit alongside never before seen footage recorded by Ledger himself, providing a candid insight into his life at home and behind the scenes.

It will look at his biggest roles including Brokeback Mountain & Dark Knight

The documentary will explore his game-changing roles throughout his career. “Before Brokeback Mountain came in, it would have been unthinkable to have a romantic tragedy involving two gay cowboys. This is one of the biggest heartthrobs on earth taking on that character. That’s an artist,” Ben Mendehlson says. According to Yahoo, “the documentary will also give a behind-the-scenes look at Heath preparing for his role as The Joker for The Dark Knight, a role that earned him a posthumous Oscar.”

It will explore where his career could have gone

Following his tragic death in 2008, the documentary will explore what could have been.


April 5, 2017
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