Stance’s Nirvana Collection Is Making Us Want To Rip Our Jeans And Grow Our Hair Out
In bloom.
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Stance are taking us back to the heydays of grunge with their latest collection.

Remember the 90s? Us neither, but we certainly remember all the great music that we’ve delved into from that period: acts like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney and Pearl Jam (and so much more). It was a unique time, back when grunge and particularly Nirvana changed the shape of music and the music industry forever. Becoming household names for their championing of fuzzy guitars, addictive melodies and an attitude that was nothing like that of your average 2000s indie-rocker.

Stance has bottled up that iconic attitude and is now unleashing it upon us in sock form, with their Nirvana collab. Here, they’ve incorporated the blurry pool from their classic Nevermind cover and utilised their iconic “drunk smiley” in yellow and black. Peep the rad collection below and head here to shop them right now:

Words by Jack Bennett January 30, 2020
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