Adelaide Rapper Alerts Drops Candid, Hard-Hitting Single ‘The Prisoner’
Plus, a video.
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Adelaide rapper Alerts delivers some pensive lines on his new single, ‘The Prisoner.’

Building off the track’s title, Alerts discusses the prison system, returning back to society and finding new outlooks on life, brought to your ears with hard-hitting delivery. The honest subject matter is certainly something to be admired, and when it’s teamed with the hauntingly moody production from Simplex, ‘The Prisoner’ feels reflective and authentic. Making his influences clear, the track also has some classic Big L samples thrown in for good measure, and cuts from DJ Sanchez.

The clip was crafted by 1984 Films – you can watch it below, and stay tune for Alerts’ new EP arriving in the near future:

April 10, 2018
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