Premiere: Sydney Punks Blue Velvet Chuck A Sickie With ‘Stay Inside All Day’
Like we needed an excuse.
Words by Harry Webber April 10, 2018

The four-piece deliver a slice of pop-punk to get us fired up with ‘Stay Inside All Day.’

You know those days where we don’t want to get out of bed? A.K.A weekdays? Now, we finally we have a tune that sums up how we’re feeling when we reach for the alarm, bleary-eyed and filled with a burning desire set up camp in our room for the rest our lives – and we have Sydney punks Blue Velvet to thank for it.

The cheeky lads have got us hook, line and sinker with their fast-paced anthem ‘Stay Inside All Day.’ It’s the kind of tune that grabs you, shakes you and will have you singing along almost instantly, which is kind of ironic because, as singer Samuel Bauermeister explains, the song is about moving slowly.

“The track is a direct response to where we’re going as a band. It’s an anthem about procrastination. It’s about being stuck in a rut and pretending to be content, only to realise how messed up that is,” said vocalist, Samuel says.

We can already imagine that this one is going to be a crowd favourite, and luckily the boys will be hitting the road with fellow punks Mild Manic for a run of East Coast shows over April – just make sure you don’t stay inside all day when they hit your town – Info here.

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